Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid the emails I receive from Amaury Int. be consider spam?

 If you are receiving e-mails from Amaury Int. in your spam folder, follow these simple steps. These instructions are mostly valid to the following: Hotmail, Yahoo, Orange, Gmail, AOL, etc... 1.- Open your e-mail as you would normally. 2.- Enter to your spam folder. 3.- Open any message received from Amaury International. At this moment you will see at the top of the screen there is a buttons called "Not Spam". Press that button so from now on you will be informed and receive all our e-mails. If you need any assitance, contact us Sales@Amauryinternational.com 

Form of Payments

 Form of payment is made through bank transfer, cash, checks, or credit card.*Credit cards are charged a 3.83% fee* 

How Do You Ship?

 Depends on the form of transportation agreed with your sale representative. However, majority cases the merchandise is sold in ready to ship in our warehouse in Miami (Exw Miami). Always ask the terms of negotiation. We can always provide you with different companies in charge of transportation, our customers have used before. 

Quality of Merchandise?

 All our merchandise are in good condition; it is posible less than 5% can be defected. (missing a button,broken zipper, pulled string, etc.) If interested in used clothes ask one of our sales representative. 

How Much Time Does It Take to Ship?

 Once the payment has been processed, shipping depends mainly on what merchandise you are buying. Normally we have the merchandise that is very popular on immediate delivery.If at any moment you would like to buy a catergory we do not have available at the moment, the time of shipping is 10 work days or less.